Brandon Musso graduated from Archbishop Rummel High School in New Orleans, Louisiana, and then moved to Memphis to attend Christian Brothers University.  It was there he received his degree in Business Administration and became close friends with a girl, Elizabeth, who would later become his wife.

Currently, Brandon works on the front line managing one of McKesson’s distribution centers. To keep a pulse on local issues, he is an Officer of the Memphis World Trade Club, and an active member for both the Regional Logistics Council and Regional Transportation Committee.  He also serves on the Epicenter Advisory Council.  He served as a Board Member for the Germantown Great Hall Commission, a Board Member for CBU’s National Alumni Committee, and is also a member of the Transportation Funding Equity Subcommittee through the Memphis Chamber.

In 2015, Brandon was so passionate about a solution to a problem plaguing the transportation industry that he independently lobbied for his idea to fix it.  In 2016, that solution became active, bi-partisan legislation, and two years later was funded for economic development.

In his spare time, Brandon enjoys being with family and friends.  He and Elizabeth are building their life together here in Germantown with their two children.  Sloane, age 5, cannot wait to finish preschool at a local Germantown church so she can join her big brother Braxton, 8, at his GMSD school.  You will find them everywhere around our city, from biking on the Greenline, playing on the tennis courts, grabbing a burger at Huey’s, or just playing soccer in the front yard.

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I am running for Alderman to be an advocate for full transparency in our city’s government, representing a voice for the people of Germantown.  As a property owner and parent to children attending GMSD schools, I am personally invested in the success and preservation of our community; I want to protect the investments of our constituents and guard the beauty of Germantown, while maintaining the success of our school system and the safety of our community.

The consistent feedback from our community is that no one feels that they have a voice, and that the same few people are making every decision for the entire city.  That’s not the way it should work.  Support for and trust in our current local leadership is almost nonexistent, and it doesn’t have to be that way.



Germantown is known as one of the safest communities in Tennessee.  To keep it that way, it is imperative that we filter every decision through the lens of public safety.


A top-rated school system benefits every resident, either through educating their children or increasing their property values.  We must ensure that we fully support our GMSD schools through appropriate funding and by protecting them from unnecessary overcrowding.


Rapid overdevelopment is not in Germantown’s best interests in the long term.  When we enlarge the population density, we create overcrowded schools and traffic control problems.  In addition, we erode the quiet, picturesque, small-town feel of our community, which is one of its best attributes.


Germantown has well-documented drainage problems, as well as streets in need of repair.  For the benefit of ALL residents, we must prioritize these matters and make the necessary repairs before we fund other projects.  Developers’ projects should not rank above citizens’ needs.